Dr. and Mrs. Chipchase are experienced biblical teachers that would be overjoyed to share the love of God with you and your ministry.


Dr. and Mrs. Chipchase are both talented and experienced musicians and singers and would be happy to share the love of God through music.

Pulpit Supply

Dr. Chipchase has spent 60 years in the ministry preaching and teaching all over the United States. He is available for pulpit supply upon request.

Dr. Chipchase and Mrs. Chipchase carry their instruments after playing for the flag retirement ceremony

We're all about the gospel

The truth of the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is what drives Dr. and Mrs. Chipchase to reach out and love every person who crosses their paths.

Join the whole family

The Chipchase family is growing every day. What a blessing! Reach out and join our church family today!


We'd love to talk...

If you would like to chat with the Chipchases about conferences, pulpit supply, music ministry or other services, please contact them via the contact form.